Franz Veit GmbH was one of the first partners of the Lebenshilfe-Werkstätten Bamberg with the project “INTEGRA Mensch”.

Starting in 2005, a sponsorship scheme was established between Bamberger Lebenshilfe-Werkstätten GmbH and Franz Veit GmbH and three employees were accepted for the sponsorship. Currently, Franz Veit GmbH employs thirteen people from Lebenshilfe Bamberg.

INTEGRA MENSCH pursues the mission of supporting the full participation of people with disabilities in social life and especially in working life.

With its “INTEGRA Mensch” project, Lebenshilfe Bamberg is showing itself to be a trailblazer in Germany. In the meantime, politicians are also working on similar projects.In discussions with Mr. Eichner from “INTEGRA Mensch”, the workers’ council and the management of Franz Veit GmbH, a concept was developed to enable the integration of people with disabilities through use of sponsorships.

The sponsored employees perform a wide variety of tasks:

  • Installing and replacing cash register rolls
  • Special packaging of streamers und confetti
  • Checking and sorting waste paper rolls by quality
  • Disposal of waste paper and cardboard
  • Assisting packaging and transport in shipment
  • Cleaning work both in manufacture and in the warehouse with the assistance of cleaning machines
  • Maintaining green areas
  • Cleaning outdoor company property and much more

The employees on the sponsorship programme are a great enrichment for our company. The positive results of the programme are even visible socially. Friendly, always good-humoured Lebenshilfe employees lighten up the daily routine.

Of course, the standards of performance-based manufacturing should not be applied to the sponsored workers. Opportunities provided by independent workplaces or workplaces which facilitate a flexible working schedule for employees enable integration.

We recommend every company to embrace the opportunity for sponsorship. New, positive experiences, especially in a social environment, enrich every company.

Public relations

Franz Veit GmbH, based in Hirschaid-Erlach, is very committed to supporting regional associations, day-care centres and projects. As a medium-sized company, it is very important to us to support and encourage our fellow human beings.