Georg Kailing

The committed Bamberg businessman Georg Kailing and his wife Anna laid the foundation for the company.



Production footage of streamers and cash register rolls.


Franz Veit

Franz Veit takes over as CEO.


Second plant

Construction of a second plant in Hirschaid, under the name “Franz Veit – Papierverarbeitung” for the first time.


Cash register rolls

Start of production of cash register rolls in Hirschaid.


Franz Veit GmbH

Founding year of “Franz Veit GmbH”.


Sales and distribution warehouse

In the course of reunification, the market entry in the new federal states takes place with the construction of the sales and delivery warehouse in Aue. (1996 Lauter)


Distribution company

Participation in a sales company with distribution centers in Denmark and Sweden.


Our new plant – a plan becomes reality

The new plant for optimizing the production processes for cash register rolls and carnival products in Hirschaid near Bamberg proudly presents itself. The central location in northern Bavaria and in the middle of Germany has already proven itself in the past through optimal transport connections.

What benefits internal logistics also improves the overall storage capacity of raw materials and finished goods. A completely new dynamic in goods receipt and shipping allows cash register rolls and carnival products to be stored together and guarantees that even the tightest of deadlines are met.

In the modern offices there is not only space for effective work, they also enable the team and the employees to interact in a way that benefits the entire company.

The spacious facilities will continue to offer opportunities for expansion in the future.


Extension of the hall for industrial rolls


Bad Schlema

Founding of a subsidiary for streamer production.